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Thanks for visiting Epic Pool Service and Repair. Take some time and browse through the list of services that we have to offer. From weekly maintenance to leak detection and repair there is no job to big or small for the guys at Epic Pool.

  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Bi Weekly Service (winter only)
  • Drain and Fill
  • Chlorine Bath
  • Acid Wash
  • Salt Water Systems
  • Salt Water Conversions
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Leak Detection
  • Leak Repair
Weekly Pool Maintenance:
  • Brushing and Netting
  • All Baskets Emptied
  • Routine Chemical Check and Balancing
  • Vacuuming as needed
  • Backwashing as needed
  • Chlorine Tabs and Ph Balancing Chemicals
  • Equipment Check For Leaks
  • Periodic Control/Timer Adjustments
  • Salt Cell Systems and Cleaning of Salt Cells
Bi Weekly Service:

The bi weekly service plan is to help in the maintenance of your pool during the winter months when use of the pool is a bit less. During the winter season we offer a lighter version of our weekly service package, all chlorine tabs are included along with pH balance(additional chemicals are extra).

Drain and Fill:

It has been recommended that especially in the warm arid desert climate that pools be completely drained, cleaned and refilled at least every 3 years to avoid an accumulation of broken down minerals in the water causing it to become "hard". Hard water can lead to decreased efficiency in equipment and build up of hard to remove spots and stains on the pool surface and fixtures. With our drain and fill service we completely empty the pool, wash the entire surface, refill and restart the system. Bringing your pool back to new quality in top working condition ready for your enjoyment.

Acid Wash:

Acid wash is similar to a chlorine bath but is used for much more moderate to heavy stains. With the pool empty the walls are treated with an acid solution and hand scrubbed. After a complete wash the pool is refilled and restarted to be sure all equipment is functioning.

Chlorine Bath:

Chlorine bath is used to lighten general stains and help remove excess algae. First the pool is completely drained and the walls are given a thorough powerwash. Then the walls are treated with a chlorine solution and refilled with fresh and clean water. All systems are restarted and checked for proper function.

Salt Water Systems:

Epic Pool is experienced in all phases of salt water system maintenance. We start with a monitor of the salt level, then clean all salt cells. Through salt water systems we can assure the customer of a softer water with less harsh chemicals. We also offer salt water conversions and installs. With years of quality craftsmanship you need look no further for all of your salt water system needs.

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